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How To Play Charity Poker

How To Play Charity Poker

There are those of you who may be wondering about how to play charity poker, and we can give you the answers here so that you do not have to look any further. There is an easy response to the question that we can give you right away, as well as a more complicated one which will take some more explaining: as far as the easy one goes, we can say that charity poker is not at all different from poker, and so you can play it just as you would any game!

However, if you want to get down to the brass tacks of how to play charity poker, you can see that perhaps there may well be a little bit of a difference in how you play. There are two kinds of charity poker that you will be able to play: the first kind is where you pay money to enter an event (whether it be a cash game event or a tournament) and either the overall winner will get a prize or the prize in itself is just having fun for the night, and the second is where you perhaps also put down some of your own cash but you compete to win the pot for a charity of your own choice rather than the one which has been chosen by those who are running the event. The idea behind this second option is that you have to play just that little bit safer than you would when you were using your own money, because now you have someone else depending on you to get that win – so it may well be worthwhile taking the option to step back a little bit and look at what you are doing in terms of taking big risks or going for the big bluffs that may not pay off very well. In the first option, however, since really you are only playing for the prestige and glory of winning and perhaps also a small or modest prize compared to what it would have been in a normal tournament or cash game situation, you can really play however you would like to – and in fact, in this instance you may choose to be a little bit more daring than usual! For those whom prefer to play Charity Bingo that is also an option which is gaining popularity as of late.

If you are facing an event that you have been invited to and you need to learn how to play charity poker in a short space of time so that you will be able to compete with the other players there, then there are two things that you can keep in mind in order to get the best results. First of all, you will need to make sure that you are able to keep a calm mind and a clear head while you are playing, because even if you get a fantastic strategy coach and learn all that there is to know about the game between now and the event it will mean nothing if you start to get frustrated when you lose and then end up making some poor decisions while you are playing. The second thing to remember is that the other players who have been invited to this event may well be just as inexperienced as you are, so even if they talk the talk you cannot allow them to intimidate you – at least not until they prove that they can also walk the walk! It is easy to slip into the frame of mind that you are obviously going to lose because you do not know what you are doing well enough, but with just a rudimentary knowledge of how to play to win you may well be able to pull more than one lucky hand out of the bag – and if others are thinking in that same way, then you could well be able to beat them just by having that beginners’ luck and getting through with some wins that make them feel as though you really know what you are doing and are clearly going to beat them no matter what happens. It is all about keeping a positive mental attitude while you play!

When it comes down to it, it may not be all that difficult to learn how to play charity poker to an acceptable standard, especially if you know that you are not going to be playing with professionals. You can really get away with just the rudimentary skills in most situations, as for most people poker is something to be enjoyed as a hobby rather than taken too seriously. You may well find that you are able to beat even some of those who play poker for real cash on occasion if you brush up on your strategy, as those that have the money to gamble on a casual basis where poker is concerned often just see it as a bit of fun and even a way to enjoy a bit of banter with friends or business associates rather than doing something more clichéd such as going out for lunch or playing a round of golf with one another. At any rate, when the event is being held in aid of charity it is likely that no one will be focusing on your poker skills if they are not up to par, but instead will be thinking about the charity and the big prize overall.

So, if you want to learn how to play charity poker, just teach yourself the basics of the game and get some practice in before the big day. You can spend a little bit of time reading strategy guides if you like, but do not get too in depth unless you have a large amount of time to prepare – and if you are determined to make a good impression with your poker skills, just remember to stay calm and try not to let your face tell your opponents anything about what kind of cards you might have.

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